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Wedding Catering Services

Wedding Catering Services in Nairobi Kenya

Our team understands the importance of providing couples with an unforgettable wedding experience. With exquisitely crafted wedding catering menus that are designed according to your taste. Above all, We strives in every area to ensure your reception is truly memorable.


Our Executive Chefs, highlight your personality within each and every item of your menu. Working alongside our dedicated wedding planner, our team is exceptional at ensuring that the wedding of your dreams becomes reality. While our operations team help fine-tune the details on your special day.


With this great wealth of knowledge and expertise, rest assured knowing our team will complement a pleasant and memorable experience. Our Chef’s have great passion for all types wedding cuisine. Dedicated to sourcing fresh, local produce and delivering it in a sophisticated manner.


Whether you are planning a small intimate wedding service or a lavish affair with hundreds of guests we can offer you a menu that is perfect to suit your needs. Let us help you create an unforgettable wedding boasting delicious food and in addition an exceptional decor services !. Contact us for more information.

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